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Took a position in DRL. Order took forever to get filled but I’m in ! 7.67 is a good price. Kicking myself because I put an order for DRL at 6.50 last week.

BABA- Extremely Bullish. Just take a look at recent hyped up IPOs such as GPRO TWTR

RWLK- Bearish

CYBR- Bearish CYBR, RWLK are both in the same both IPO runs consolidating.

YHOO- PSAR indicating a bearish run. Bollinger Bands pinching indicating a lack of volatility in the near future. If YHOO follows the bearish trend line, it might bounce at the 50day MA 38.11.

TSLA- Bearish- Once again TSLA. However look for a volatility spike for TSLA as the bollinger bands are starting to expand. RSI is showing a oversold condition but the BB’s and the SPAR speak other wise..

GOOGL- Bullish Will be picking up 590 calls. Bullish Indicators- PSAR BBs heavy accumulation.

ACRX- Every technical indicator is screaming sell sell sell for ACRX but I am long with a entry at 5.50. ACRX is a 5-6 month hold. Anyone that bought that bought the recent will be rewarded in the long run

ULTA- Purchased 105 October Calls at 118. Sold at 114. 45% profit. In the books. If ULTA dips under 110 I will jump back in otherwise I will pass because ULTA did not dip as much as I expected….

SPY- LOOKING to get into SPY calls. Will be getting a strike ITM. Right now SPY is on a bullish trend but I like getting into positions at the beginning of the PSAR movements.

DRL- Entry at 7.66 this position is fundamentally based. DRL court ruling coming within the week. Good luck to those that are playing.

TWTR- Bullish with a bearish run that would be imminent. Keep the PSAR on watch.

NFLX. NFLX Calls. Watch the PSAR when it flips get into NFLX calls. Look for a strike 5-15 away from the current stock price.

AMZN- AMZN bullish run coming. Wait for the PSAR to flip.. once it flips load up on calls and enjoy the profits.

FB- loading October Calls. 80-85 strike.

RAD- RAD  currently on a blood bath. Once the PSAR flips load up on those calls! Remember RAD is a slow mover in terms of the option chain so try to stick ITM or the closest strike price.

YELP-YELP currently on a bearish run. I think it will find support at 65-67.50 and bounce!

AAPL- currently holding AAPL october 3 102 calls


UAPC- Average at .0009

COBI-average at .0003

ONCI- Average at .002

ECAU- Average at .0014





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