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Please Note- my price target for these big board stocks are for the short-intermediate future using technical analysis.

Current Positions

SCTY long position entry 49.85. Loving the dips here, its a great opportunity to buy and hold long. I will post my full analysis on Solar City tomorrow. Also holding a short term position SCTY at 55

YELP- After Hours entry 56.75. Extremely oversold Conditions, earnings weren’t that bad that I would drop 20%.

AAPL- Entry 98. I really thought that 98 would hold as support. However Apple fell under 96. In my humble opinion the market is really taking a big hit lately. I am a believe of investing in these dips.

DDD- Holding shares at $38. Another oversold condition. I buy when others are fearful, sell when others are greedy.

ONCI- Loving the L2 and the Current Share Structure. It is too similar to UCHC

APHD- Bottom is 10-11. Just look at the L2. VNDM on the bid at .001. Heavy Support between 11-12. Slapped the ask at 13. Sold a few 14s. Will average down if I have too.

Sold LAKE 25.70

BAC- Sold at 16.62 post earnings. Timing was on point because it fell 6%

ECAU sold 1 million shares at .0008

DRL sold 535 shares at an average of 8.43

SOLD 2 mill COBI at.0002. Was holding long but this really tested my patience so I just sold.

STOA- sold 320K STOA between .005-.0067 still holding 250K shares at an average at .0024.

This market is complete bearish but here are a few stocks I think that could present good trading opportunities coming up.

AMZN- Bearish 285 short term target.

CYBR- Loving how this stock trades in a bear market. 35$ target

BIDU- 185 Short term target

TSLA- Depending on 220 holds 240-200 will be huge for TSLA. If 220 holds TSLA may test 240. If 220 falls expect TSLA to test 200.

AAPL- Based on the 6 month chart AAPL bounces off 98-99 every time . However with this market who knows if those support lines will be broken. I will most likely not play AAPL until their earnings.

FNMA- I love how 2$ held on yesterday’s gap. I would re-enter a long position if I had not taken a position in SCTY. I already own 1000 shares of FNMA @ 1.02 and I like to diversify my long term portfolio.

ACHN- Triple bottom pattern forming with 9.50 being the important price for ACHN. Will look for a swing from 9.50-10+.

DDD, VJET- These are my favorite 3D printing stocks. VJET offers more potential with DDD offering more security. You can’t go wrong on either one at these price levels.

LAKE- closed 29, currently at 33.5. I can easily see this at 35$ tomorrow. Other Ebola stocks to pay attention to APT , IBIO VSR can also run again tomorrow.

GPRO- EXTREMELY OVERVALUED. I still think this could go lower. This should be at 50-60 per share.

NKE,EXPE, FDX – These stocks will trade however the major indexes trade. Solid stocks that have been taking a hit along with the market in general.

CMG- Could we see 600 before earnings? I believe so.

YHOO- No obvious catalyst that could boost the short term PPS. With BABA’s IPO out of the picture YHOO could return to $35.

YELP- Should be trading at 70$/share.

ACRX- Sold out around 5.7 Will look for a re-entry.

VISA- Bearish 198 target. Brought to be by @cortesanalysis






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