Open Trades

HLF earnings- Thinking of taking a EOD position to play earnings.  I personally think they will beat.

NFLX-Calls at 420.60. Entry 5.10 Weekly 430 calls. NFLX has been on a downward trend for the last week after its recent earnings. This slide HAS to stop. The initial support line was 430 but it did not hold. NFLX eventually traded to the 419-420 area ( right around the 50 day MA). I think this general area will act like a spring board pushing NFLX back to the 430-435 range.

AAPL- Entry 94.30- Exit 94.40 Took profits too early AAPL currently at 96+. Looking to re-enter 91-93

FB 70 July 25 Calls Entry 2.10.  Took profits at 2.5. WILL NOT BE PLAYING earnings.

FB post earnings- Look for a small retracement, 2-4$ retracement before buying calls

ISRG- will be playing puts at 480.

BIDU- Took a position- Entry 203.88 EXIT 215 Possible support at 220. Remember that BIDU is trading at an all time high resistance at 230 then 240. Really have a hard time seeing this past 240. Support at 22o

P- Pandora, Although I hate pandora as a company I do not think it will go lower than 25-20. If it does go down to 20 I will be buying calls as I will play ANOTHER reversal.

AMZN- August 1st 365 Calls.-Option is pretty much worthless at this point…. will hold because Amazon has a big week with congress coming up.

SPY- Sitting at 198. Should peel back in the near future. Potential reversal at 195. Goodluck!

PBYI- PBYI is up 200% during after hours with news regarding their breast cancer treatment. This stock reminds me of ICPT $70-$490 in a few trading sessions. If PBYI starts out hot jump in because this one seems like it could be in store for a long momentum run.

UPDATE PBYI- I originally expected to wake up to PBYI @300 but that wont happen for now. I am playing the 225-229 channel and I would love to sell 240 plus. Buy at 225 sell 230+ and you should be golden. If you want to be risky you can short the 230 dips but that is extremely risky as I’ve seen biopharms just explode out of nowhere.

HLF- Optimal Buy Zones= anything under 65 would be a good buy

BAC- Optimal buy zone = 15.20

DDD- Optimal buy Zone 45-50

VJET- Optimal Buy zone 13.50-15

SCTY buy zone 62.50

NKE buy zones 75.

CMG buy zone 580.

HKUP load zones .028-.033. Sell zones .035+ I am long HKUP but it is smart to take profits along the way.

AAPL- Buy Zones for AAPL- 95. Not buying all these upgrades which are pushing Apple to all time highs. If I do buy AAPL options I will pick up the July 26 Calls as AAPL will release their earnings on the 22nd. By getting the Bi-weekly Calls I have more leverage in case AAPL does not go my way.

TSLA- I was going to buy TSLA at 214 (playing the bounce off the 50 Day MA at 214) but everything went green for the market therefore hindering my plans. Call zones for TSLA 214. Put zones for TSLA = 240.

AMZN earnings! If earnings were tomorrow I would be purchasing the 365 calls!

FNMA buy zones 3.75+ Sell zones 4.85.

NFLX- Puts at 460, Calls at 440.

Sold my NFLX 445,455 July 19th Calls both for a 100% profit. I like taking profits at a solid number (100%), however the tactic backfired as BOTH options went up 170, 180% respectively.


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