AMZN- Puts at 340 Calls at 320-325! Trade this current pattern and good luck!

HAIN-Love the price action & the candle for HAIN- Look for the momentum to carry over and  I could see HAIN at 100$ tomorrow.

WUBA- Look for a bounce at 50$. Lets squeeze some short sellers at this point.

CRM- Look for this to be at 65$ + by tomorrow. Bull Market is really taking over at this point plus look for CRM to beat earnings.

SHLD- I currently straddled this position. I have the 37 Calls, 35 Puts both August 22. So I could really careless if SHLD beats or not. I think SHDL will be a big mover regardless. Whether they report an awesome ER or declare bankruptcy it will be a big mover. Good luck hopefully we all turn a profit! If SHLD beats look for the PPS to be 40$ and + if its terrible look for this to be under 35$.

LOW- Earnings. Im currently holding the September 52.50 Calls. I picked up these calls EOD before earnings which are set to report before the market opens. I like to follow the trends through sectors so since Home Depot beat, I think LOW beats. Good luck to those playing earnings!

Update- LOW had pretty a disappointing earnings but the stock rebounded during regular trading hours and the option chain pretty much stayed the same.

ACHN-ACHN broke the 10$ mark during after hours. This is huge because 10$ is a huge area of resistance psychologically. I will be taking a position in ACHN but its one of those momentum runs where you just hope for the best.

TSLA- TSLA puts at 265. Probability in your favor if you were to secure a bearish position at that PPS. UPDATE- Bears had their fun, now its time for the Bulls to have theirs. “buy zone” for TSLA – 250.

How to trade CMG Click here  Once again, same position as NFLX Bulls seem to be taking control of the market with all the Fed Talk. Once it starts to trade choppy I will be getting puts because it shows signs of the market slowing down.

YHOO Puts at 37$. YHOO is currently channeling between 33-37 and I do not see it breaking the 37$ mark anytime soon. Especially with the Alibaba IPO still being months away. JRJC- Boy this this stock explode out of nowhere.

JRJC exploded 75% during regular trading sessions and 17 % during after hours. Stocks like these tend to run for a few days  I will be taking a position in JRJC during pre market hours  and hope for the best. If JRJC is green by 10 am look for the run to continue. If JRJC is red by 10am look for a blood bath.

URBN- took a position ahead of earnings. Currently sitting at 36.70 ( down .60% during after hours). Hopefully we will see 38$ by 9:30. Took profits real early around 37$. Could see this breaking 40$ if the market is green in general

FB- Calls at 72.50. Nice support at that specific area. ICPT- This bearish trend should continue now that the PR’s stopped coming in. I would get PUTS ASAP. Projected PPS- $248

DRL- loving the BULLISH stepping stones on the 6 month chart. Will be taking a position in the Stock. Update- If DRL is awarded the full $229 million and with only a market cap of $48.7million, will shares return to $24.74 once again? DRL has a long road ahead of them, but this would be a big first steck.

ACRX- I recently traded this bio tech from 6.15-6.60. I will be looking to re renter around the 6.20. I will be going long for this particular position as this stock is extremely over sold and will rebound over the next few months.

GRPN- At this point I am “bag holding” GRPN 7$ september 20 calls. This option was worthless after their recent ER which is why I am holding it. Could see this at 6.50 no time

TKMR- Important Indicators to remember 16- Support, 20-22 Area Resistance. This chart is all over the place. Odds are if TKMR is red by 10am it will be red throughout the day. Just like if its green by 10 am. It will be green throughout the day.

JCP- Currently holding the August 22 9.50 Puts. I held this Through earnings. The recent sell-off is not a good sign for JCP. Look for this bearish trend to continue .

SEAS- Calls- Will be looking in the September 20 20$ strikes. SEAS seems to have found support around the 18$ Area. Look for this stock to rebound after its horrific sell off. AAPL-Currently holding September 100$ Calls . Never underestimate the bull market.

NFLX- If NFLX approaches 470. I would be getting Puts. NFLX is one of my favorite stocks so it does hurt me to say that. Update- If NFLX starts to trade choppy I will be getting Puts but for now the Bulls seem to be taking over.

FNMA- Currently holding a large position in FNMA Trading the channel between 3.80-4.80. For more on this trade click here. LONG TERM anything 4$ is a buy but if your looking to trade this 3.80 is the best buy zone.

DDD- Buy Zones- 45 $. I will not be trading options for this stock because I really like DDD long at this particular PPS.

How to trade GOOGL. Click here . GOOGL has completed this pattern is 600 possible? For sure!

Short SCTY,FSLR. I love Solar Stocks long term but these stocks are extremely overvalued. Since I do like these stocks long term I will be securing a bearish position via PUTS. I only short stocks that I hate ( short/long term).

PennyStocks- To View more stocks on our watch list click here 

NTEK- Picked up a few shares at .0543. NTEK offers huge long term potential and I believe that this area ( 540-550) offers a strong support structure making it an attractable buying area. Only penny I have a position in is SNDY. SNDY is once again another oversold pennystock with a confirmed 52 week low of .0004. I took a position at .0005. Hopefully we can see a bounce or too within the near future. USTC, Holding 3 million shares at an average of .0003. Read our analysis by click here 

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