GENERAL MESSAGE FOR 9/17! FED will be meeting to decide whether they will change the interest rates ! THIS MEETING WILL HAVE A HUGE IMPACT on the market so stay updated on this!

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Open Trades

ADBE- Picked up October 72.50 Calls. ADBE earnings fell short of expectations but since I am holding these lengthy calls I will be holding!

Update Ended up selling ADBE calls for a 50% loss. Took what I could and moved on.

RAD- Rite Aid. I have been bullish on RAD over the last year or so. I picked up September 6.50 Calls EOD at .23. The plan is to buy 7$ calls if RAD goes up tomorrow or average down on the 6.50 Calls. REMEMBER this is an EARNINGS play so its 50/50 ! Good Luck and trade safe!
Picked up 7$ September 20th Calls EOD and good luck to those playing earnings!

Also want to bring BTZO to your attention. The level 2 was amazing today there was over 20 million shares on the bid at .0004! It ended up closing 5/6 with 3 mill on the bid and 4 mill on the ask. This may pop tomorrow ! To view this picture click here 

TSLA re entry 260. Will be holding this LONG TERM.

SOLD. My position at 261. I love TSLA long term but I need to free up money for BABA!

RWLK- As you can see on our we took profits WAY too early. If RWLK is up during the premarket hours I will jump in. If not I will pass.

Stock is down AH on small volume. BUYER BEWARE.

AVNR- Did not take a position in this. Once again I use the premarket hours to judge if a stock will run or not. If its up 5-10%  I will jump in but if its only up 1-5% the run is most likely over.- Looks like the run is over.

ULTA- Purchased 105 October Calls at 118. Sold at 114. 45% profit. In the books. If ULTA dips under 110 I will jump back in otherwise I will pass because ULTA did not dip as much as I expected….

SPY- LOOKING to get into October SPY puts. 195 strike. Market is too inflated at this point and I feel like the volatility over the next month or so will make this a boom or bust play! Fed meeting coming up. Who knows they cant keep interest rates at this level forever.

GOOGL is currently trading at 580. I would usually buy calls at this point but the market in general is too inflated and I believe a pullback is imminent so 570 would be the ideal area to buy call. If you are more comfortable trading GOOG just watch GOOGl and you will know what to do.

DRL- Awaiting an entry around 6.20. If I take a position it will be PURELY FUNDAMENTAL.

TWTR- 50 October Monthly Puts. Looking for a quick trade here.

GPRO-60$ puts October. Looks like the GPRO train is over with many other tech stocks crumbling,

NFLX. NFLX PUTS. This recently tech sell off will continue for the near future. Bulls be careful here.

AMZN- Usually I would get puts in this scenario but AMZN has been on a bullish trend and the recent gap down from 360 to 310 needs to be filled.

FB- Sold my September 80$ calls. FB is not volatile anymore so I am not really interested in trading it. If you are holding calls that expire in November & December but if you own September calls I would sell because the lack of volatility will kill your profits.

BBRY- Loving BBRY’s bullish trend. The trend is confirmed due to the fact that it has been steadily trading along its 50 day MA. Resistance is at 10.50 but if it breaks 10.50 look for it to easily run to 11.50.

RAD- RAD earnings coming up. I will be playing calls but for now I will look for a 6.20-6.25 entry. Flip it heading into earnings.

YELP-YELP also hurting from the tech sell off. Watch out

AAPL- Every financial outlet seems to be pumping AAPL. So my opinion does not matter here. Just follow where the “smart” money is going. The catalyst? Record orders for the newest iPhones,

Pennies that I am holding

COBI .0003 AVG
UCHC .0041 AVG
BTZO .0005 AVG



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