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(Blue Chip Stocks/ Holding Stocks)ADMINISTRATOR & FOUNDER of Hereitfirst Mitchell Fung  {FUNDAMENTAL ANALYST}  – Twitter : Hereitfirst_ and Instagram: Hereitfirst for any questions comments and concerns.  Donations would be greatly appreciated! Paypal: To view my track record and trades please visit my page by visiting or by clicking here .

(Options & Forex ) {TECHNICAL ANALYST} Rudy Cortes (Cortes Analysis) – Instagram- @CortesAnalysis . Email me with any questions at . For more information visit  Cortes Analysis is for anyone to follow my stock, options, and forex open positions and analysis. I analyze the market strictly with my knowledge in charts and some fundamental factors. Follow my journey as I work my way to become a Chartered Financial Analyst and eventually owning my own hedge fund. Committed and dedicated in my trading life as I help anyone who has questions or concerns about the stock market. I hope you find my website useful –

Fundamental Penny Trader – Mike Rosenberg ( best know as @otcdaily)

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